About Every Bean

We believe in clothing as it is -- ungendered!

Every Bean is the non-human baby of Entrepreneur and Mother, Nikki Yeager. After dressing her infant son in everything she collected before his birth — some outfits "boy”, some "girl" — she came to realize just how gendered we've made children's clothing. Determined to allow her son to wear both the pink leggings her husband loved and the denim overalls Grandma adored, she decided to create a clothing line that threw out the idea of boys' sections and girls' sections all together.  For parents like her, she built Every Bean and is working to redefine clothing as just that: clothing.

All items are made to be both practical and long lasting. Care information is printed directly on the garment to avoid itchy tags and everything besides our tutus is machine-washable. All tutus are adjustable for the perfect fit for every age and shape.