What high fashion has to say about gender. Hint: ....it's no big deal.

Fall 2018 collections were recently shown on the runway of Men's Fashion Week in London and we always love the reminder of how high fashion hardly notices the gender norms in clothing that the rest of us seem to take for granted. For those who don't follow high fashion, the following outfits may seem a bit extreme. And they are. Couture clothing isn't meant to be worn by your average dude. It's meant to be an art form that's then pared down for ready-to-wear lines that you'd find in stores. BUT these dresses, skirts, tunics, and colors still end up on racks in some way shape or form. And yes, they are always incredibly expensive.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy 

If I had no morals, I would shrink these designs down to kids sizes, find some cheap imitation fabrics, and duplicate these outfits in miniature for Every Bean. This brand that's typically known for it's club/rave clothes, went all out this year with some interesting interpretations of what happens when it's time to grown up. Whimsical suits, trench coats, and ties were mixed in with Loverboy's typically outrageous outfits that know no bounds. 

Loverboy SweaterLoverboy colorful shirtLoverboy skirt

Per Gotteson

This brand was all about the silhouette this year, and blowing it out of proportion. Check out all his crazy creations on Vogue. What I found interesting was how often the shapes created by oversized denim bottoms and massive bell sleeves ended up reminding me of early 2000s female silhouettes. Which made me wonder why these non-natural shapes and sizes ever became associated with men or women. When, in reality, no one looks that way! It's all art no matter what type of body it's on. In my opinion, the best thing about this dynamic collection was these awesome green leggings. Men deserve leggings, too! 

Per Gotesson Leggings

Throwback Bonus! Thom Browne's Spring 2018 Collection

You can find the photos from this collection on WWD and we suggest anyone who has ever said "skirts aren't for boys" take a look. This collection is clearly made for men, and not necessarily as a gender non-conforming statement (although we'd be cool with that, too). The models are styled with invisible makeup (we're assuming it's there, because.. cameras), and are all wearing masculine, business-appropriate fabrics. The only difference is that those fabrics are fashioned into skirts and dresses for an interesting take on "business formal". But then again, why are women the only ones who get to air out their legs? 

Thom Browne 1 Thome Browne SkirtThom Browne Dress



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