Our favorite non-gendered children's names

We recently stumbled across an article listing some of the most popular non-gendered children's names in 2016. It got us to thinking, what are some amazing non-gendered names we've recently heard? 

Here's a quick list of our top 5:

Chris - Often used as a nickname for Christopher or Christina, we suggest using this shortened version as an official first name. 

Ryan - This is Every Bean Founder, Nikki Yeager's, middle name. We personally love it and would adore it as a first name. 

Riley - Another great "R" name. This one seems like it's popping up everywhere, but we still love it. 

Jayden/Jaden - Inspired by the occasional dress wearing superstar, Jaden Smith, we adore this name for boys and girls!

Alexei - Alexei is the inspiration for Every Bean so deserves a mention here. As a traditional Russian men's name, it's typically used for girl's in the United States. However, with the influx of Russian male hockey players and Spanish speaking male baseball players with the name, it's becoming more common to see it used for both genders. 


So what are your top five?

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