New Product Alert!!! Pandas, Milk, and Rainbows, oh my! Check out these new toddler pants.

It's time to take a look at our new toddler pants for every boy, girl, infant, toddler, and kid.

As our Facebook followers know, we've been much more delayed than planned in producing our own leggings. Sadly, it might not happen this year. But, we have some great news to make up for it! 

We've decided to list brands from abroad with handpicked clothing items that fit well with our mission to provide non-gendered clothing. Everything is tested on Founder, Nikki Yeager's, own little bean before being listed on the new "Every Brand" section of our website for quality assurance. 

The first three pants from our Every Brand collection of partner brands is coming soon. We'll place the first order in extremely limited quantities to gauge interest (think 3-5 pieces per size) and will open sales on Black Friday for a discounted price. Any leftover pieces will be available for full price on our website after that.... but we don't anticipate having any after the first 24 hours!! Depending on what sizes seem to garner the most interest, we'll have another order in 2-4 weeks. 



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