Gender Neutral Merchandising for Boutiques: Store Layout

This is step two in a three part series on how to handle merchandising and displays in a boutique or small store when it comes to un-gendering your space. Unlike the other topics we've presented related to gender neutral merchandising, there aren't easy, moderate and advanced steps to organizing your store's layout. This is more about preference, but we have a few ideas for how you can completely remove "boy" and "girl" clothing. For the full document on Gender Neutral Merchandising click here

1. Organize by brand: This is the favorite option for most boutiques. Because of the limited number of products typically carried, it makes sense to group items by brand rather than gender or color. If this is the case, make sure you've already taken steps to remove gendered language from any brand provided signage so no individual rack or display feels restricted to a specific gender. 

2. Organize by color: What kid doesn't love a rainbow display of bright colors? If you carry a wide range of children's clothing, it may make sense to organize your store by color. Starting with primarily pink/red products, moving to yellow/tan, greens, blues then blacks/grays. Typically you can still lump things together by brand or product type if your overwhelming theme is color. Our eyes will still see a rainbow even if there are a few strategically misplaced items. The other benefit to this type of organization is you don't need to worry about alienating a conservative market or conservative vendors. With this organization, you can still provide a semblance of familiarity with your "pink" section and "blue" section. 

3. Organize by product: Throw out the intended gender of a product/brand, and the color of the item. Focus solely on utility. Group all pants together, all shorts, all shirts, onesies, dresses, etc. That way it's easy for both kids and parents to find the item they'd like and then simply narrow it down by preference once in the proper section. 

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